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Planting trees allows us to directly reflect our real estate in an environmentally sustainable way.

The plan is simple – for every meter square taken up by our residential development, we plant a meter square of a highly biodiverse forest, which will only keep growing.

Why is it so important to us?

“Planting trees is the simplest answer and strategy to curbing the climate change crisis”.

Our main goal is to increase the biodiversity and size of the natural habitat. Forests planted in collaboration with Las Na Zawsze trust, are a contribution to the wellbeing of future generations. It’s a gift we can make today, to our kids, grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren, by preserving the wilderness and chance of interacting with nature.

Forest forever is protected in two ways. First, a pretty obvious solution- Forests forever will not be used in timber production. They are formally and financially protected from tree felling or land sale, even for the years to come.