We're happy you're here.

The leading reason for the creation of Vivere was to provide people not only with houses, but to build somewhere people can call home. Thanks to our extensive experience and passion, we are able to carry our numerous investments in line with our core values.


Vivere Verde
Residential Development

Zrealizowane etapy inwestycji

Creation of an oasis of serenity, which people call home, was the main idea behind the design of Vivere Verde development.



New development in Warsaw

Szczęśliwice apartments is a quaint development offering a perfect balance between personal and professional life.


We plant
forests forever

Why do we plant Forests forever?

Planting trees allows us to directly reflect our real estate in an environmentally sustainable way.


We're creating
a food cooperative

A remarkable community initiative in Gdańsk

An exceptional community initiative created with Vivere Verde inhabitants and the surrounding neighbourhood in mind.


The third stag
of Vivere Verde Development

Available for sale soon!

Our third stage of the Vivere Verde development is the response to the needs of our current and future residents.